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One Handed Eating – Changing Food Habits of Australians

One Handed Eating -  Changing Food Habits of Australians

If you’re eating one handed whilst using OHT (One Handed Typing) on your phone or computer, eating more colourful plant based foods, trying to waste less food, and feel like sourdough is everywhere you look, well the good news is you’re on trend!

Global market research company Mintel monitors the way new food and drink products perform in the market while surveying consumers to understand their eating habits. Despite warnings from the CSIRO that Australians aren’t eating enough fruit and veg, Mintel’s research suggests we’re trying at least.

It surveyed 1,500 Australian consumers for its 2017 food trend report.

We’re being more ‘eat-fficient.

Mintel’s, Justin Nell said the company had noticed more “on-the-go” food and drink products sprinting onto the market. “We’ve actually seen a 55 per cent increase in the number of food and drink launches in Australia with an ‘on the go’ claim between 2012 and 2016,” he said. “Consumers want to be able to pick up the product, consume the product and dispose of the product all with one hand.”

“We sort of joke, for the simple reason that their other hand is holding their mobile phone.” It also helps the 21 per cent of metro Australians Mintel discovered were eating lunch at their desks.



Waste not, want not

Mr Nell said past research has suggested 20 per cent of the food Australians buy is thrown out, but there is a real desire to buck that trend. ”

“It’s not that Australia isn’t attempting to reduce food waste, it’s more about the new and innovative ways food manufacturers overseas are combating this problem,” he said. “It’s through initiatives like OzHarvest or Foodbank that more consumers are becoming aware of [food waste] and this will lead to drive change.”

New Mums and Football Crowds – OHE

What do babies and keyboards have in common ?  Nether work well with taco sauce dribbled on them. OHE is an acronym used by new mothers,  and reflects a fact we all learn quickly, the hard way: Newborns don’t like to be put down. Ever. You spend the first few weeks of your baby’s life with one arm locked into a sweet-smelling, cuddly handcuff, so it’s no surprise that there’s a related acronym: OHE. One-Handed Eating.

Fans at the Footy have the same issue with the other hand wrapped firmly around a cold drink, or to be used for cheering and fist pumping. It was in the early 20th century that the long association of pies with Aussie football began, not just at the ground but at home with the mates and family.

The best news is that OHE doesn’t have to be bad for you ! The good folk at Lorrie’s have baked an outstanding range of diverse Gourmet Pies, vegetarian quiches and frittatas, sausage rolls, and chunky Aussie Angus beef Pies.  May we humbly suggest, savour and chew well every mouthful, and throw in a side salad as you check your Newsfeed ?






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