1300 Lorries


Thanks I buy them 4 at a time freeze them to make sure I can get to eat one. I have NEVER liked pies until I tried Lorries. Even on a strict diet I sneak one and have to exercise more but worth it. Going there to get some Yummy. – Mellie Gray

I love the pies from Lorries they are more gourmet and full of real meat and flavour. Very satisfying and moreish. – Michael Bowdler

Best pies.my favorites are curry and bacon and cheese. – Lydia Anderson

Love the Pepper Steak, Tomato & Onion and Curry Pies. – James Cullen

Would have to say the lamb and rosemary is by far the best pie I’ve ever had. The rest are right up there too, but try the lamb and rosemary and thank me later 🙂 – Adrian Hartge

Love, love, love the sausage rolls! Great quality and taste. The mini party pies and sausage rolls are also a great hit with the kids too 🙂 – Olivia Stewart

I love the quality of these pies! The range of chicken pies is impressive and even though i was previously not a meat pie fan the steak and pepper has won me over. – Nikki Gilbert

Always delicious and tasty. My go to choice for pies. So many great flavours to choose from. – Tammien Micheal Moranino

These are the best, love the pastry and chunky steak. A tasty weekly staple for us, keep it up Lorrie’s. – Lauren Foat

I haven’t tried a Lorries pie I didn’t like…even the ones I would have assumed I wouldn’t like were surprisingly tasty. So so good. – Alana Jayne

Awesome pies and sausage rolls. Tastes so good. Nom Nom Nom – Liam McJannett

Best pies ever!!! Real meat and no nasty business – Louise Slater

By far my favourite pie is Curry Chicken and Lorrie’s nails it. Brenda C