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Gotta Love a Lorrie’s

Lorrie’s Mountain Foods is a Brisbane based family company that specialise in that most delicious and revered Aussie treat, the humble pie.

Lorrie is Real.

Yes, there really is a Lorrie. Nearly two decades ago, Lorrie Devlin decided that there was no other pie offering that tasted as good as it should. She created a range of amazing mouth-watering healthy recipes.  Lorrie has since retired and whilst the ovens are much larger, and we now have a huge group of Lorrie’s fans, Lorrie’s is still very much a hands-on business.

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Australian Pie Minister

Some of Our Most Loved Items

Gourmet Pie Range

Rolls & Pasties

Gourmet Pie Range

Party Gourmet Range

Gourmet Pie Range

Gourmet Pie Range

Quiches & Frittatas

Cornish Pastie